Paper by VCU Physicists named Cover Article.

September 1, 2022


Physics Researchers, Shiv Khanna and Turbasu Sengupta, from Virginia Commonwealth University have investigated the possibililty of using Metal-Chalcogenide clusters to convert CO2 into CO and O. This is the critical step in carbon capture, a technology that may help mitigate climate change. In their paper, they find that certain bimetallic metal-chalocgenide clusters, cluster of r transition metal atoms and Selenium atoms may cleave the energetic C=O bond.  This discovery could offer a new strategy for carbon capture.

Their paper, Rational Design of Bimetallic Metal Chalcogenide Clusters for CO2 Dissociation, was selected as a cover article.

 Shiv Khanna, Ph.D., Commonwealth Professor and chair of the Department of Physics in the VCU College of Humanities and Sciences led the study.