Ulises Reveles


Assistant Professor
Theoretical condensed matter, Theoretical nanoscience, Catalyst and Scientific software
701 W. Grace St., 2417


Ph.D. – Chemical Sciences
Center of Research and Advanced Studies, Mexico,
Dissertation: “Geometry Optimization in LCGTO-DFT Methods
with Auxiliary Functions”

B.Sc. – Chemical Engineering National University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico. 2000


  • Cluster reactivity in studies of CO oxidation by transition metal oxides with potential catalytic applications.
  • Electronic structure studies of magnetic nanoparticles, cluster and cluster assemblies.
  • Discovery of multiple valence and magnetic cluster superatoms
  • Structure activity relations of organic compounds.
  • Organic Chemistry Synthesis and characterization of new chiral compounds.
  • Analytical skills, experience in scientific programming and development of new algorithms for the efficient ab-initio calculation of large molecular systems.
  • Development of algorithms for local and global geometry optimization.
  • Coauthor/developer of the deMon2k (density of Montreal) computational software package.


González-Ramírez, H.; Reveles, J.U.; Gomez-Sandoval, Z. “High Magnetic Moments on Binary Ytrium-Alkali Superatoms”,
Chem. Phys. Lett. 583, 97-102 (2013).

Reveles, J.U.; Koster, A.M.; Calaminici, P.; Khanna, S.N. “Pd13 Structural Changes upon charge and Oxidation/Reduction”, J. Chem. Phys. 136, 114505 (2012).

Carrol, K.; Reveles, J.U.; Shultz, M.D.; Khanna, S. N.; Carpenter, E. E. “Preparation of elemental Cu and Ni nanoparticles by the polyol method: An experimental and theoretical approach”, J. Phys. Chem. C, 6, 2656 (2011).

Reveles, J.U.; Clayborne, P.A.; Reber, A.C.; Khanna, S.N.; Pradhan, K.; Sen, P.; Pederson, M.R., “Designer Magnetic Superatoms”, Nat. Chem., 2009, 1, 310.

Reveles, J.U.; Calaminici, P.; Beltrán, M.R.; Köster, A.M.; Khanna, S.N., “H2O Nucleation around Au+”, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2007, 129, 15565.


Visiting Research Associate Professor University of Texas el Paso, TX May-July – 2013

Instructor/Researcher Virginia Commonwealth Univ., Richmond, VA Aug/2010 – Present

Certified MCAT Physics and GChem Instructor The Princeton Review Co., Richmond, VA Feb/2012 – Present

Research Assistant Professor Virginia Commonwealth Univ., Richmond, VA Aug/2009 – Jul/2010

Postdoctoral Associate Virginia Commonwealth Univ., Richmond, VA Jan/2005 – Jul/2009

Postdoctoral Associate Center of Research and Advanced Studies, Mexico City, Mexico Sep.-Dec. 2004


  • Faculty Advisor for the Society of Physics Students (SOPS) @ VCU.
  • Member of PhD committee for the Doctorate Program: Mechanical and Nuclear Eng. Dpt. @ VCU.
  • Editor of the 2012 MRS proceedings.
  • Co-Organizer of Symposium “Advances in Computational Materials Science”, International Materials Research Congress (IMRC) 2011-2014, Cancun Mexico.
  • Local organizer for the 5th International Conference on Theory of Atomic and Molecular Clusters (TAMC), Richmond, VA.USA, June 2006.
  • Reviewer of Grant Proposals for the Mexico’s Scientific Research Bureau.
  • Reviewer of Grant Proposals for the Chile’s National Scientific and Technological Bureau.
  • Referee for several scientific Journals


  • 2013 Service Learning Award @ VCU / $1,000
  • 2013 GEO International Initiative Strategic Award Program @ VCU
  • PI of Research project to develop Process Oriented Guided sessions (Feb – May 2012). Supported by the Physics Department @ VCU
  • National Researcher Level I by SNI (Mexico’s Scientific Research Bureau), 2008 -10.
  • National Researcher Level II by SNI, 2013 -16.

Dr. Reveles’ CV