Measuring and manipulating 2D and other nanomaterials with high-speed atomic force microscopy

December 14, 2016

11:00 am, Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Loren Picco

Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow
H H Wills Physics Laboratory
University of Bristol, UK

Room 2403, 701 West Grace St (Laurel Street Entrance)


I will describe recent research highlights from my work at the University of Bristol. I will explain how our high-speed atomic force microscope can measure the sizes, shapes and material properties of tens of thousands of nanostructures with a speed and accuracy superior to typical electron microscopy techniques, providing unprecedented statistical confidence and insight into nanostructure distributions.
The tool has demonstrated the ability to distinguish between 2d materials such as TiS2, MoS, graphene, carbon nitride and black phosphorous as well as proving itself as a valuable tool for assessing critical industry challenges such as nanoscale corrosion and carburisation in metals.