Resistive Pulse Sensing and a Single-Molecule DNA Assay on a String

April 9, 2021

T. Albrecht
School of Chemistry,
University of Birmingham

Friday, April 9 at 4:00 pm via Zoom



 Resistive-pulse sensing with solid-state nanopore and nanopipette devices holds significant promise for a range of applications in biosensing, sequencing and other analytical applications.[1,2] Building on systematic improvements on different levels, including a better understanding of the translocation process [3] and the development of faster detection electronics,[4-7] the idea of using long DNA 'carriers' as analytical platform also facilitates measurements in mixtures and allows for a degree of multiplexing at the molecular level.[8-10] Accordingly, DNA carriers can then be modified to contain capture probes for proteins, DNA and other analytical targets. As an example, we built a DNA architecture based on molecular self-assembly, consisting of a 7.2 kbp dsDNA carrier with ~100 nt single-stranded (ss) DNA capture probesspecific to a target associated with antibiotic resistance in Tuberculosis.[10] Subsequent translocation experiments in nanopipettes allowed for the detection of their hybridisation state, similar to an all-electric DNA assay 'on a string'.

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