Getting Advice

Who is my advisor?

All physics majors and minors, as well as students in the physics track of the BS in Science program are advised by Dr. Marilyn Bishop, with the assistance of Dr. J. Thomas McMullen.

How do I make an appointment with my advisor?

Send an email to Dr. Marilyn Bishop ( with the following subject line:
Physics Advising:  Your last name, your first name.

The subject line is important to ensure that your email will be answered promptly.

Can I get walk-in advice without an appointment?

The Physics Student Administration Coordinator, Jeannie Friedrich, in the department office (701 W. Grace St., room 2401) can answer many questions about our courses and programs and will refer you to the advisor or the department chair if necessary.   However, be sure to make an appointment with your advisor before making decisions about your curriculum.

Adding or Changing a Major or Minor

I changed my major after a new bulletin was issued.  Which bulletin do I follow?

A student’s effective bulletin will remain in effect until the degree is awarded. Therefore, a change in academic program major, concentration, or minor will not result in a change in effective bulletin unless the program of study went into effect under a later bulletin.

I would like to declare or add a 2nd major or a minor in physics.  What is the process?

Please make an appointment with the Physics Advisor, Dr.  Marilyn Bishop, to discuss your change and complete the Change of Major/Minor form.

I am a current physics major, but would like to change to another discipline. What is the process?

To change majors, you will need to take a Change of Major/Minor Form to the new department in which you wish to declare your major.  Additionally, although not required, we request that you send an email to Jeannie Friedrich ( indicating that you will be changing or have changed your major.